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Creating An Email List Database

If you are a serious marketer you have or will develop your own mailing list. It will not matter whether you do so with a service (such as aweber or get response), or if you have a self-hosted mailing program. In either case you will be working with .csv files either to upload or download your list. In either case, you should maintain a database of your list on your own computer.

With a service, your account is subject to termination at the whim of the service provider. In such case, you need to download your list to your computer at regular intervals. This insures that no matter the termination of your account by the provider you always have an active list of your subscribers. In the case of a self-hosted autoreponder series, downloading your list regularly insures the same result. Any trouble with your server or the files contained thereon could wipe your hard earned work out in a moment. Since your mailing list is your continued bread and butter, it is best to insure you have an up-to-date copy of your subscriber list.

The easiest means of accomplishing this is to create a database on your hard drive (you should also back-up at regular intervals) which contains your subscriber list. It will not matter which database program you use to house your subscriber database as long as you have created one. If you have Microsoft Access, use it, or if you do not have a paid for program you can use the free Open Office program to create your database.

Creating your database is relatively easy. Simply download your .csv subscriber file, open it, then create a database that contains all of the fields within the open .csv file. For instance, some marketers only ask for “name” and “email address” on their form. However, you may find there are hidden files that are returned in your .csv download file, such as “IP Address“, “dates”:, etc. In either case, when designing your database fields, make sure you have one field in the database file for each field in the .csv file. Also important (to avoid manipulation of your .csv file) is to insure that the fields in your database correspond to your .csv file by name and position. For instance, if your .csv file shows field as: Email, Name, IP – then your database should have the same named field in the same field order. Creating a database with fields; name, email, ip will not do. Insure the capitalization is the same as your .csv file and that the order of the fields is also the same as in your .csv file.

Within your database design, make all fields “required”. If you have the opportunity to choose to allow zero length, indicate “no”. Make each field’s indexed response “Yes Duplicates OK”. except the “Email” Field which should be the “Key Field” within your database and should be set to index “Yes duplicates no”. These settings will insure that only complete records are allowed in the database and no email address can be entered twice. If you have more than one website, it is possible that the same person subscribes on separate sites with the same email address. For this reason we recommend you maintain separate databases for each website. However, you can make one master list and we will show you how to maintain it and extract info in a later post.

Now, each time you download a .csv file from your service or self-hosted autoresponder, you will be able to import that .csv file into your database. Since you set the “Email” field to “No Duplicates”, it will disgard any duplication within the database as the import will only record new records into your database and by-pass email addresses already within your database and any data that applied to the line of entries.

Should your service ever terminate you, generally you only find out after your account has been closed so it will be too late to get a .csv of your list. However, you will have the list within your own database ready for empyment elsewhere (into a new service or self-hosted service). You will simply need to export your database files as a .csv file and upload this file to your new service. This is much better than trying to start your list over and losing your current subscribers and will save you hours of work and perhaps even save your business.

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How To Series!

“How To Series”!

How to do this? – How to do That? – Need Expert instruction!

Many of our subscribers ask for our help and assistance in a variety of different areas of Internet usage. Over time we have put together different Frequently Asked Question tutorials to answer those types of queries. These are text files with specific instructions that must be followed to accomplish a resolution to a query. Nevertheless, many find it difficult to implement these procedures following a text file instruction and come back for additional assistance.

How To SeriesTo overcome this situation, we have developed (over time – and at great expense) “How To video tutorials” to provide the required assistance. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words” as they say. If that is true, then, specific “over the shoulder” guidance as one of our experts answers and shows “step-by-step” how to get the issues resolved must be much better.

To date we have over 60 video files available in the “How To” category. We have picked 15 of these files (which represent queries we receive continuously) to introduce our subscribers to the series. We are now offering “YOU” any one of these files as a gift so you can get the information you may want or need and at the same time preview the value and professionalism included in the series.

Simply, “reply” to this email or page with the name of the video file you want and it will be sent to your inbox within 48 hours of our receiving your request (weekends excepted). The file will be provided at no cost and is yours to keep for your own personal use…forever!

Remember, this offer is available to our subscribers only, so make sure you have completed and submitted the form in the upper right corner of our right sidebar before replying to this email or page (depending on how you are receiving this message). All requests are checked against our members database! Make sure you include your registered email address so we know where to send your gift.

Here’s the list of currently available “How To” files (provided as your gift):

1. How to upload files via FTP
2. How to register a YouTube account and upload videos
3. How to register and use Skype
4. How to set-up a free WordPress Blog
5. How to use Google Trends
6. How to use Jing – take a screenshot of any Website or DeskTop application
7. How to create a Facebook FanPage
8. How to quickly create your own eCovers
9. How to host your Website free
10. How to create a DownLoad Page
11. How to set-up Google Analytics
12. How to create a Favicon for your Website
13. How to create a free HelpDesk via cPanel
14. How to secure your DownLoad Page
15. How to quickly get your site indexed by Google

Again, thank you for remaining one of our faithful members. We intend to provide you valuable and productive information always. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help in any of your Internet endeavours as we remain always available to provide you assistance. Until next time,

All The Best!

Ron Terre

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7 Steps To Product Launch Marketing Success

Marketing Products

Find out the 7 simple steps you need to know when marketing products that will insure you have a successful and profitable product launch!

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Getting to the Top in Product Marketing and Product Management

Product Marketing and Product Management

Stanford University Business School training on marketing and managing products. Excerpts from this graduate course of study!

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